How to increase the value of your property with photography

Creating the perfect gallery for your property is at the forefront of what we do here. Beautiful editorial photography not only increases the value of your listing, but it helps to best showcase your home to potential buyers. Here are some of our top real estate tips to help you to prepare for your property’s photoshoot:

Why preparation is key to increasing value

First impressions of your home are crucial in getting the buyer’s attention. Creating the scene prior to the photoshoot will bring out the best qualities in your home, make it as attractive as possible when it is on the market, and help increase interest!

Make it easy for the buyer to imagine

The aim is to make the buying journey as easy as possible. By letting a potential buyer imagine how their furniture and personal style would look in your space, you are increasing the chance of them making an offer. Prospective buyers are emotionally affected and this, in turn, influences their readiness to buy.

How to prepare your home
  • In addition to regular cleaning, it’s important that you think of clearing away and hiding everyday clutter – less is more! Decide what should be left visible that is beneficial to the presentation of your home
  • Remove the superfluous things and bulky furniture as free surfaces make rooms look more spacious and add some neutral items or detail. This will make the home appear neat and bright, with the idea that any buyer can get a feel of what it would be like to live in your home, but not be influenced by your style
  • For neutrality set aside photographs of loved ones and hide traces of pets
  • Use flowers, blankets, plants, and candles to make the home appear softer and lived in
  • Make sure all the lights are at homework, including the candles!
  • Create free spaces around windows to allow natural light to flow in

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